Special permission

IMPORTANT! It is the coach responsibility to see to that the application for a special permission is applied for and paid in time and to check if it is cleared. The application is done through the cup manager. When you register the names and birthdates of your players, the system will automatically indicate if any player is older than the group the team are playing in, and you´ll have to give a motivation why he or she should be granted a special permission. There is a fee for every application you make (200 SEK for each player that you apply for). The fee must be paid at the latest by the 15th of March, and we will not handle the application until the fee is paid. If the application is denied the fee will be refunded.

When cleared all special permissions will be presented here on this website with the players name and year of birth. Print this page and bring it with you to every game to show to the referee, opponents and scorekeeper before the game starts! Also you must mark any player with special permission in the scorecard with a ring around their number.

The following rules apply for players with special permissions:

  • If the team has more than one player with special permission, they are not allowed on the court at the same time.
  • When six minutes or less remains of the game, no player with special permission is allowed to play. Substitution must be made at first possible occasion when six minutes remains.
  • It is the first referee who decides if the special permission has been used correct. If used incorrect, the team might lose the game with 20-0.